Eye On Fashion

EYE ON FASHION (EOF)…a celebration of creativity and innovation in fashion

EYE on Fashion, referred to as EOF within our fashion circles has grown tremendously. What was once a one-night event featuring the premier Wardrobe Stylists Competition with Stylists competing in an ultra-professional atmosphere, has evolved to become a multiple night experience in style and fashion featuring distinct events. Eye on fashion Wardrobe Stylist Competition, The Men’s Collection and Bloggers’ Ball are signature events that will highlight our fashion calendar. Events @ EYE ON FASHION


Held annually during EYE on Fashion in Tampa Florida, The Men’s Collection is the premier menswear runway presentation featuring cutting edge and exquisite menswear designs created by selected emerging and established menswear fashion Designers based locally, nationally and internationally.

The Men’s Collection is the exclusive platform for Menswear Designers to promote and market their brands to the fashion community.



This event is the exclusive platform for Wardrobe/Fashion Stylists to market their brands in a competitive and professional atmosphere.

For one night Stylists will compete for a grand prize and bragging rights as the one with “The Eye on Fashion”. Stylists will present various looks to an independent panel of judges who will select the ultimate winner based on the total scoring in various point categories. Stylists can pull from boutiques, designers or any credible fashion source of their choice to work with. Stylists will be challenged to present their best work. This competition will bring to light the important role Stylists play in the industry and also provide the opportunity for them to network, enhance and develop their portfolios.


We love FASHION… We appreciate great STYLE!

An evening celebrating the fashion forward future bringing together the best in our industry, who have a natural EYE for great style, taste, art and fashion. We honor these bold and talented writers who have successfully carved their own genre in the fashion world and captured their own place in the market thus making them go-to for many designers, stylists and fashion visionaries in trend-setting. Brands have turned to internet presence through the content marketing platform to reach an untapped audience. Bloggers create unique digital content that serves as valuable information to millions of digital readers. Bloggers are experts in their respective fields, the Editor-in-Chiefs of their digital publications and the master curators of their personal style. Blogging is the wave of the future. Celebrate your style and enjoy a night of great networking, party, food, drinks and beautiful people at Bloggers’ Ball.

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