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HAUTE Accessories Week™

“Want to update your wardrobe in a minute? Add a cool, new piece of accessory”


HAUTE Accessories Week is the event that spotlights the contributions accessory designers make to the fashion industry; featuring the unique and creative works of independent and emerging accessory designers.

The accessories market has become a multi-billion dollar business and it continues to grow. Therefore, The Fashion Movement™ saw it necessary to develop a platform via which designers of all fashion accessories can market and establish their brands. 

Art will again be featured on the runway and exclusively during the week’s events as it has become a staple at Haute. We welcome all Artists interested in participating to apply.

We encourage the community, fashion lovers and fashionistas alike to participate in HAUTE Accessories Week™ and enjoy an evening of unmatched style while also shopping for designers’ products in The Designers Boutique.

At the main event, enjoy smooth jazz, delicious bites and drinks all while mixing and mingling with fashionistas, sponsors, media/press, models, designers, boutique buyers and fellow fashion lovers.

The evening will begin with an opening reception as we welcome you to share the joys and successes of participating designers. Meet and greet, eat and drink while enjoying the live mannequin presentations throughout the event’s space. Models will then hit the catwalk displaying the creations of participating designers.

All designers and Artists work will also be displayed in a boutique setting and available for sale to attending patrons.


1) Accessory designers exhibit their products in a boutique setting for viewing and sale.

2) Models display the designs of accessory designers on the runway.

3) Designs are presented to motivated shoppers, media/press, fashion bloggers, fashion 

     retail buyers, fashion lovers, fashionistas.

4) See the latest fashion accessory trends on display.

5) Exhibit space for participating accessory designers.

6) Sponsorship opportunities via strategic logo and brand placement throughout the 

    event’s space.

7) Gain added visibility by placing your product in the Designers Museum (separate from 

    exhibit space) at the event's entrance providing added exposure to attendees prior to 

    them entering the event's floor.


Designers Registration   

Haute Accessories Week™ Is An Event Created By The Fashion Movement™ to assist in the marketing and development of fashion accessory designers thus helping to establish their brands.

Main runway show date: February 29, 2020. Application deadline date: December 1, 2019.

Each designer who desires to participate in HAUTE Accessories Week™ must submit this application form with all the required documentation. After receiving and reviewing of your application you will be contacted.

Have your work presented on the runway and displayed within the Designers Boutique and Designers Museum (tables provided) for viewing and sale: ($225.00)

·        branding/exhibit space for participating accessory designer (tables provided).

·        display signature piece in Designers Duseum.

·        present 10 signature looks on the runway (a look can be comprised of multiple pieces).

·        make-up and hair provided. 

·        stylist assistance provided.

·        backstage assistance provided.

·        bio, link to your website and social media business profiles on the event’s website.

·        name on marketing materials.

·        2 complimentary tickets to the event.

Please submit the completed application with the following:

1)     4 very clean photographs of designs from your collections.

2)     your company’s business card.

3)     your bio or resume (concise and well written with correct grammar, this will be used to assist in marketing the event)

4)     mail check or money order, payable to The Fashion Movement. Without payment received, participation is not confirmed; your payment will not be deposited or cashed until you have been contacted.


Email all completed required documentations hello@hauteaccessoriesweek.com then we will invoice you via square for the $225.00 fee.

Exhibitors | Vendors 

Welcome To Haute Accessories Week. Your interest to participate in our event is greatly appreciated and we encourage you to join us as we present this group of fashion visionaries to the Tampa Bay community.

Each exhibitor/vendor will have the opportunity to give potential consumers free samples, discounts, and informative materials about their products.

Enclosed, you will find all the information required for the application. The deadline to submit is February 2, 2020. Please be advised to submit your application early as exhibitor space is limited.

All documentation must be emailed to: hello@hauteaccessotiesweek.com

An invoice will be sent to you upon receiving your application.

Please make payments payable to The Fashion Movement.

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